Paulina Ngwawasya
Wisdom&Wellness Supervisor

Ilala & Kinondoni, Dar-es-Salaam

Mwanadamu peke yako huwezi kufanikisha malengo yako katika maisha kwa kujitenga, unahitaji ushirikiano. Pia ina maana kwamba ushirikiano katika jamii ni muhimu sana kwani ushirikiano huleta maendeleo na mafanikio mazuri katika jamii au kazi. Msemo huu unatukumbusha kufanya kazi kwa ushirikiano mkubwa.

Published by Wisdom&Wellness

MENTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS Tap Elderly Women’s Wisdom for Youth (TEWWY) is a mental health stakeholder in Tanzania bridging the intergenerational- and mental health treatment-gap by training retired elderly women in adapting WHO’s mental health Gap Action Program (mhGAP). The grandmotherly figures called Wisdom&Wellness Counselors provide accessible mental health services, support and resources in their underserved communities. Wisdom&Wellness Meditation Garden is a wellness center in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area empowering people with simple self-care practices for holistic health and well-being. We teach yoga; organize nature adventures in local parks; facilitate Wisdom&Wellness Talks, a safe-space for people to share wisdom, connect, gain life-skills as they build community; and the Wisdom&Wellness Collection, our handcrafted line of natural skincare & aromatherapy products. 50% of our Wisdom&Wellness Meditation Garden’s revenue supports the mental health initiatives of our nonprofit partner in Tanzania, TEWWY If you would like to be a part of our Wisdom&Wellness Community, let’s connect.


  1. These grandmotherly sayings will indeed bridge the generation gap that currently exists. Technology has replaced fireplace story telling and this creates a gap for the generations to come. Collecting and documenting such wisdom messages is very useful for the young people.

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